What do love and partnership mean in the digital age and what does the future hold? Will sex robots be the better partners? A scientific review of the most interpersonal of all relationships.

The digital revolution has also profoundly changed our understanding of desire and love. New technical developments and inventions promise one thing above all else: optimisation. Today, love is a project in which everyone strives to achieve the best for themselves, and eroticism has become an adventure playground for adults. Entire industries are working to generate desire, to bring people together and to improve relationships. The market for pornography, sex toys, potency pills and erotic literature is booming. VR technology promises completely new sexual experiences, and teenagers and young adults today experience eroticism in a completely new way. But at the same time, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find a long-term partner. Although most Germans still believe in true love, new relationships last an average of less than three years in the age of the internet. Will sex robots be the better partners in future? The first sex dolls with artificial intelligence are due to be launched on the market in 2018. We find out what's new on the market and ask sociologists, scientists and couples therapists how these developments will impact our society and what they mean for the future of love, sex and partnerships.