A look into the amazing world of what animals really see and perceive. Using CGI and innovative natural history filming techniques, this fascinating, perception-skewing series casts the world as it appears to creatures across the planet, allowing the viewer to see like a beast, and perceive things in a totally new way.

Vision is crucial to survival. It’s how ninety five percent of animals interpret the world. Eyes are so vital they’ve evolved independently almost one hundred times, from the incredibly simple to the bafflingly complex. The results are a countless array of shapes, sizes, colours and abilities. Whether an animal has just two or hundreds of eyes, they’re adapted perfectly for its particular suite of needs. Eyes have evolved to compensate for underwater distortion, tell danger from dinner from vast distances, see in slow motion, in widescreen and even in the dark. The battle between predator and prey often comes down to this one sense - and it can determine if they live or die. Sight gives the edge to meet the challenges of their environment. The eyes of today didn’t evolve overnight, half a billion years honed them to their present form. From blurry beginnings unimaginable eyes evolved – eyes of every conceivable form and function. Clues to the evolutionary steps taken to form a complex eye can still be found today in the animal kingdom, often where we least expect them - at the bottom of a gloomy lake flatworms hint at the first ever eyes, while high above the peregrine falcon’s telescopic vision reveals another secret. Every species on Earth is a chapter in the story of vision. Super Sights explores a world where scallops use mirrors to see, dragonflies see in almost every direction, spiders must unfocus an image to make it clear, pigeons see ten times the colours we humans can and a tiny crustacean boasts hexnocular vision and the complex eyes in the natural world. CGI illustrates the diverse ways of seeing while breathtaking 4K cinematography captures the most minute details in this story of vision. Super Sights reveals how an array of species interpret the world and the science behind how they do it.

Episodes Supersenses
Super Sight
Super Powers
Invisible World