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A look behind the scenes of modern banking: from Bolivia to Pakistan, Benin to Switzerland, we take a look at 15 confidential meetings between bank customers and bank consultants.
People on all continents meet their bank consultants. A personal business relationship evolves: questions are asked, opinions expressed, doubts discussed and decisions reached. The consultation table is a stage for confessions and masquerades, a place where values are negotiated and currencies exchanged. Isn’t it strange to discuss highly personal financial matters with a person you barely know? Straight from the consultation room, viewers experience almost first hand 15 individual meetings between customers and consultants, from Bolivia to Pakistan, from Benin to Switzerland. Filmed entirely from the bank’s side of the table, the film projects a collective image of customers being trapped by an invisible net. The film highlights the conflicting interests of the two sides in the prevaricating language they each use, allowing viewers a fascinating look behind the scenes of modern banking. At the end of the film, you can almost feel the global power of money in your bones.

Feature Documentry / Society
Length 90’/52’ HD
Film by Sebastian Winkels
Co-Production solo:film, Catpics and Zazarfilm with RBB and SRF, with the support of Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Filmförderung Hamburg-Schleswig Holstein, Georgian National Film Center, Succès Passage Antenne, German Films, 2017
Original Title Talking Money

Festivals and awards
Visions du Réel, Switzerland 2017
DOK Leipzig, Germany 2017
Ciné Droit Libre, Burkina Faso 2017
achtun berlin – new berlin film award, Germany 2018
Nonfiktionale, Germany 2018 (Main Jury Award: Nonfiktionale-Preis der Stadt Bad Aibling, Award of the Student’s Jury: Bürgerpreis)
Lagunimage, Benin 2018
Taipei Film Festival, Taiwan 2018
Hanoi International Film Festival, Vietnam 2018
Festival dei Popoli, Italy 2018
Saratov Sufferings Frama Documentary Film Festival, Russian Federation 2018