Daya Al-Taseh, a satirical anti-IS internet series, is produced by four Syrian friends in south-east Turkey. But unexpected events in the increasingly unsafe country put the friends and their work under pressure.

Four Syrian friends have set up the collective Daya Al-Taseh to produce and publish satirical anti-IS videos in Gaziantep, a town in south-east Turkey near the Syrian border. Despite daily threats and the challenges of leading as inconspicuous a life as possible, the activists maintain their sense of humour in order to continue their dangerous work. After threats from ISIS supporters in Turkey become more concrete, the group moves to Istanbul in the hope that they can work from there more effectively and build something bigger, namely a satirical news programme which they want to broadcast on a Syrian channel. However, unexpected events in an increasingly unsafe Turkey force each of them to question their safety and friendship again. They have to decide how and where they can continue with their work.