A fact-finding film about investigators, victims and members of the Nigerian mafia in Europe. Thanks to exclusive access to secretly recorded conversations and witness statements, the film exposes the structure of this growing network.

From the meagre earnings of young women forced into prostitution to the billions laundered through real estate deals: this film follows the machinations of the "Nigerian brotherhoods" as it spreads ever further through Europe. Thanks to exclusive access to wire-tapped conversations and statements from key witnesses, the film exposes the global network that specialises in drug smuggling, human trafficking and forced prostitution. It focuses on four main protagonists. Dedicated public prosecutor Lina has made it her life mission to campaign on behalf of the victims. Wiretapping, surveillance and raids are just some of the methods she uses in her every-day work. Police officer Nils tells us about his toughest case and the film documents what he finds out about the lives of the young women in Nigeria and about juju practices. Victory is a former victim who is fighting hard to lead a normal life. Princess is a social worker who rescued Victory − and many other women − from the streets. We watch her go about her work and follow her to Nigeria. In her home country, we learn about her own story, how she was forced into prostitution and how she managed to escape.