We follow five modern adventurers through exotic landscapes, harsh deserts and hostile ice flieds – an adventure far removed from traditional nature documentaries.

The Explorers Club in New York is the epicentre of the last heroes – it is the meeting place for the planet’s most distinguished explorers. The club was formed 109 years ago and has since had some wellknown members: the Wright brothers, Roald Amundsen, Edmund Hillary, Charles Lindbergh. Today, hardly a patch is left that has not yet been mapped and travelled to. Adventure is to be found in the details and the “how” is more important than the “where”. This series accompanies and features five modern explorers on their travels all over the world. Each time the starting point is the Explorers Club in New York and from there we embark on their adventure. Through exotic landscapes, sparse deserts and bleak and hostile ice flieds, we follow these women and men on their journeys, in what is a far cry from classic nature documentaries.

Alfred McLaren – Ocean Adventurer (Hawaii)
John Hare – King of the Wild Camels (Mongolia)
Richard Wiese – Chronicler of Nature Under Threat (Canada)
Meagan McGrath – Queen of the Eight-Thousanders (Nepal)
Patrick Dowd – Undercover on the Search for Electric Scrap (India)