We take a look at the lesser known corners of the lagoon city and find out about the lives of "the last Venetians" – long-time residents and craftsmen who still practise sometimes centuries-old trades.

Venice has always been a place for encounters, for socialising and personal exchanges. In some respects, it still has something of a village flair with its small stores, narrow alleyways and hidden courtyards. Places where the few remaining Venetians are still to be found. These days, the tourist industry dominates much of Venice and little interest is shown in the city’s hidden gems. But we take a look behind the scenes and discover parts of the lagoon city that have nothing to do with tourism and clichés, seen through the eyes of "the last Venetians". They are craftsmen and long-time residents who fill the city with passion, culture and memories. We meet an organ tuner, glassblowers, a weaver, painter, confectioner, gondoliers and representatives of many other trades. They connect the past with the present and keep alive centuries-old crafts. We discover their passion for their instruments and tools, for their materials, for the beauty of Venice, its history and cultural life, far from the hordes of tourists.