For the first time, a film team has been given access to the community of the Irulars.

The Irular of India speak with gods and spirits and have a unique knowledge of healing herbs. They are an aboriginal population with their own religion and culture, based mainly in the forests of southern India. For the first time, a film team has been given access to this unique community and allowed to accompany a young Irular girl, Sanjivy, who feels a close connection with the great goddess Kannyiammal. These people have a natural religion; they revere the spirits in plants, stones and the stars. During sacrificial rituals or festivals, Sanjivy often enters into deep trances where she claims Kannyiammal takes possession of her. The high point of the year for the Irular is their Adimasam festival in August. Sanjivy, as a medium of the goddess, is ever-present. The film offers an insight into a magical, hidden world never before seen on television.

Length: 45’ HD
Production: History Media for ZDF/ARTE, 2012
Film by Tamara Spitzing
Original title: Die magische Welt der Irular / Inde, le monde singulier des Irular