Tory Island is a beautiful, remote island in the northwest of Ireland. The community’s sense of solidarity is put to the test when it finds out the island’s only ferry service to the mainland is under threat.

Tory Island is one of the most remote and isolated islands in the northwest of Ireland, about ten kilometers away from the mainland and accessible only by ferry or helicopter. Due to lack of infrastructure and opportunities, the islanders nearly had to abandon their home 30 years ago. Patsy Dan Rodgers, the so-called King of Tory, is the heart and soul of the small island community and he cherishes its age-old traditions and culture. His dream has always been to secure the future of the island, attract jobs, tourism and investment, and to stop young people from leaving. But the islanders face another challenge when they find out that the ferry, their only connection with the mainland, is to be replaced by a smaller and older boat. Will families have to move back to the mainland? Island manager Marjorie, Patsy and the whole community launch a campaign to secure support measures to help the island community survive. Patsy, who is suffering from cancer, believes that if they succeed, he can die with a sense of fulfillment. It's at times like this that his burden feels too heavy to bear. Will the islanders manage to save their ferry service, prevent families from leaving the island and preserve the island’s unique way of life?