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The world’s longest bus service operates on the Transocéanica between the Atlantic and Pacific, from Rio de Janeiro to Lima. 100 hours across the continent. A fascinating road movie that presents South America in all its ambivalence.
In 2016, the world’s longest direct bus service was launched on the Transocéanica, from Rio de Janeiro to Lima. It is a journey of superlatives: 6300 kilometres in 100 hours. And a journey full of contrasts. From Rio, the bus passes through savannah, the world’s largest marshland, the Amazon Jungle, up the Andes to the Pacific coast. This road movie allows us to delve deep into the South American soul. We experience the beauty of the countryside, the pride of its people and the economic upswing, but we also see the downsides: pollution, poverty and crime. All these phenomena are to be found along the wayside – and come alive in the stories told by the passengers on the bus. We learn of their desires and hopes, and this five-part series offers us a kaleidoscopic view of a richly traditional, naturally beautiful continent, one that is undergoing profound change. Viewers immerse themselves in stories that present South America in all its ambivalence.

Travel / Foreign Culture
Length 5 x 45’HD
Film by Johan von Mirbach
Production FLORIANFILM Produktion for ZDF/ARTE, 2016
Original title Transocéanica