A docu-comedy about three neo-hippies from Berlin who move to a farm in Poland to be closer to nature. They meditate, practice acroyoga and shower in the garden. The villagers consider them complete eccentrics.

To be close to nature and perhaps also to have a unique work experience Ellen, Mario and Jon, three neo-hippies from Berlin, set off for Poland. They rent an old wooden cottage from a farmer in a small village near the Belarusian border. They meditate, practice acroyoga, shower naked in the garden and eat rejects from the supermarkt to avoid wasting food. They reflect upon the sustainability of the farmer's methods and sing about their muesli. But they also try to make friends with the people who live in the village and help out on the farms. It is a clash of completely different cultures. For the villagers, the hippies are eccentrics. But who are these people who don't use mobile phones and weap when animals are slaughtered? Can they even read and write? Is this lifestyle just a fad among city dwellers or will it change the world? A film about people with very different life philosophies who seek friendship and exchange despite all the communication barriers and conflicts. A cheerful invitation to embrace and make the most of different approaches to life.

Genre Feature Documentary
Length 78' / 52' HD
Film by Katarzyna Trzaska
Production Co-Production Zygizaga with TVP, Braidmade Films, Tumult Foundation, Parabellum Film, with the support of the Polish Film Institute
Original Title Wieś pływających krów
Year 2018

Festivals and awards
New Horizons International Film Festival, Poland 2018
Podlasie SlowFest,  Poland 2018
Festiwal Filmowy Opolskie Lamy Poland 2018
PROVINZIALE Filmfest Eberswalde, Germany 2018
ToFiFest - International Film Festival Torun, Poland 2018
Man in Danger Festival, Poland 2018
Camerimage International Film Festival, Poland 2018
HumanDOC International Documentary Film Festival, Poland 2018
One World Prague, Czech Republic 2019
achtung berlin, Germany 2019 (The Exberliner Film Award)