The status quo of robotics in the automobile industry, in space and in the home.

Humanoid robots are a common feature in sci-fi: human in appearance, they help in the home, provide assistance to the physically handicapped and provide company for lonely pensioners. And yet a peek behind the curtain of robotics research shows that you really need to be an optimist when working in the field of robotics. There is still a long and difficult road to travel before we arrive at the day when a household robot can bake a cake. In contrast to industrial robots, thousands of whom are busy at work in automotive factories, humanoid robots are not dealing with previously defined, constantly repeating movements. Instead, they must negotiate unknown environments, grasp objects independently and when they interact with humans, they require perfect speech recognition. But it is precisely these sensory abilities that are not yet particularly well developed. Medical robots and those working in the field of space travel require people in order to perform various actions. This science documentary presents the status quo in robotics – entirely without the science fiction.