What does the journey to school mean for a child? What do they see and what do they experience? The variety of school journeys around the world is endless, fascinating and full of surprises.

199 Little Heroes is an international series featuring children aged between 9 and 12. This documentary follows the children from around the world on their way from home to school. Their personalities are as varied as the landscapes in which they live. The children take us through the most different areas of their various continents, on every conceivable means of transport, along dusty roads, past lakes and rivers, down ski pists and through heavy traffic. They share their hopes and plans with us, and tell us of their dreams as well as their fears—of child labour, war, and crime, but also of the beauty of nature and the importance of friendship. All are worried about the destruction of nature. They want to change the world for the better, and long for security and happiness. We see the world through their eyes.

Episodes (37x5')
Luniko, South Afrika / Anna-Lena, Germany / To, Laos / Sanjana, India / Anish, Nepal / Jafer, Iraq / Ekhals, Jordan / Enjo, Switzerland / Yamabuki, Japan / Sai, USA / Valeria, Peru / Lucila, Argentina / Finya, Germany / Rebekka, Switzerland / Perla, Iceland / Vincent, Austria / Andrei, Romania / Zacheo, Namibia / Ignas, Lithuania / Samson, Kenia / Alphonsine, Ivory Coast / Viola, Austria / Luka, Slovenia / Te Rau, New Zealand / Koolee, Australia / Rania, Jordan (Zaatari) / Jesus, Mexico / Cynthia, Burundi / Zozooloi, Mongolia / Ilyas, Italy / Mathis, Sweden / Newo, Israel / Miral, Palestine / Olivia, Burkina Faso / Chryssi, Greece / Wiktor, Poland / Diego, Guatemala

Episodes (6x52' with longer versions and more information)
1. South Africa, USA, Iraq, Switzerland (Rebekka), Romania, Laos
2. India, Switzerland (Enjo), Jordan (Ekhlas), Japan, Nepal, Germany (Anna-Lena), Namibia
3. Iceland, Kenia, Lithuania, Peru, Austria (Vienna), New Zealand
4. Austria (Vincent), Australia, Ivory Coast, Slovenia, Germany (Finya), Argentina
5. Mongolia (Zozooloi), Italy (Ilyas), Palestine (Miral), Burundi (Cynthias), Mexico (Jesus)
6. Sweden (Mathis), Burkina Faso (Olivia), Israel (Nevo), Jordan (Rania)