The unique eco-system along the shores of the Paraná River in South America is under threat. We travel to South America and meet people who are fighting for their future and the conservation of the Paraná region.

A river like the sea – this is how the indigenous people used to refer to the giant stream shaping their homelands. In their language this translates to “Paraná”. Over 3,000 kilometres, the Paraná flows from Brazil to Argentina via Paraguay, along the mythical Iguazú Falls and the breathtaking Iberá wetlands of Northeast Argentina, all the way to Buenos Aires. The Paraná region hosts a unique eco-system, with abundant flora and fauna and stunning natural beauty. But this river paradise is under threat. Ambitious construction projects, contamination, deforestation and ruthless hunting are just a few of the factors endangering the entire region. We discover here a part of South America largely unknown to outsiders and get to know its people, who share their passion for the river and their worries about its future. Through their actions and beliefs, they want to show that a different future is possible, a better life along the river, while preserving its unique and vital eco-system. Innovative fishermen, biologists, environmental activists, indigenous people, photo models, ship captains, or old-fashioned gauchos – they all are part of this journey into the unknown, one that inspires and sends a message of hope and change.