In India, children have started to take control of their lives by setting up children's parliaments. We show how, together, they can make a difference – with astonishing determination, courage and creativity.

They no longer want to tolerate social grievances and environmental pollution. They campaign against child marriage, child labour and domestic violence. They fight for better infrastructure and a cleaner environment. Children in India have taken their lives into their own hands and started to set up children's parliaments. They elect their own ministers, write petitions and organise demonstrations to raise awareness of their cause. We follow Shaktivel, Swarna, Sri and many other children in India who are changing not only their own lives for the better, but also those of the people in their communities. With a theatre play and a petition, for example, they draw the attention of adults to the problem of alcoholism in many local families. But they also call for a reduction in plastic waste in their environment. By organising themselves, they learn how democracy works and discover that together they can make a difference. From the perspective of the children, the film highlights the challenges they face in a society that expects children to follow the example of adults. We see how these children have opted to pursue a new path – with astonishing determination, courage and creativity.